The M.E.A.K Shall Inherit The Earth

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Training with Howl
Training with Howl

The organization named M.E.A.K, aquires two new people in the fight against N.I.T.E.M.A.I.R. However when Maisy and Phoenix are kiddnapped by an employee of M.E.A.K they have to work to get stronger to battle N.I.T.E.M.A.I.R.

Based on a dream I had a few months back


04 Nov 2011 12:44 pm


Sorry you guys!

Okay... I guess you've noticed the severe lack of... well... anything!
Well my computers knackered and I can't open anything including photoshop.
So I have asked for a new one for christmas so hopefully I'll be ables to get another page out by then.
Sorry for leaving it two weeks before I mentioned this little conundrum that I'm in!
I'll update asap!

Thanks~! xx


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